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Is Your Digital Marketing Firm Keeping You in the Dark? (Reports You Should Ask For)

Is Your Digital Marketing Firm Keeping You In The Dark? (Reports You Should Ask For)

Having a digital marketing strategy is increasingly important for reaching your target audiences. Digital marketing as the overall share of marketing spend has been increasing steadily, and it’s expected to make up 46% of total global ad spend this year.

Beginning a relationship with a digital marketing firm can be like taking a leap of faith. Most companies rely on their guidance for deciding how to position their online message through keywords, paid ads, search optimization, and more.

It can be complicated to understand if what they’re doing is really helping you and giving you the best return on your money.

Some online marketing companies that are less scrupulous will throw a lot of industry jargon at you like click-through-rate, cost of acquisition, SERP, time on page, and multiple others. They’re actually looking to keep you in the dark by making things so complicated that you simply believe what they tell you about how great a job they’re doing.

For example, you might end up paying a lot of money for 6 months without seeing much return in the form of actual sales dollars. The marketing firm might tell you how much they’ve increased traffic to your site and the time-on-page. But is that really what you’re looking for?

At Data First Solutions, we understand that companies are looking for tangible results that directly impact their bottom line when it comes to their digital marketing campaigns. 

A good marketing company doesn’t have to hide behind overly complicated stats. Instead, we ensure our clients get comprehensive and meaningful digital marketing reports that let them know exactly where their money is going and the results it’s generating.

Feel Like You Don’t Know What’s Going On With Your Digital Campaigns?

Here are some red flags that may indicate your digital marketing company is leaving you in the dark about how your campaigns are doing:

  • You don’t feel like you know what’s going on with your digital marketing.
  • You aren’t getting regular reporting and have to ask for it.
  • When you get reports, they don’t seem to mention anything about leads and sales.
  • When you ask about results, you get the runaround but no clear answer.

If you’ve been feeling uninformed about how your SEO, PPC, social media, and other digital marketing are going, read on for the type of reporting you should be asking for.

Reports to Ask for from Your Digital Marketer

Some statistics only tell one side of the story, so they need to be cross-referenced with others to get the full picture.

For example, if you see from a report on the number of unique page views that your page views have been going up during the marketing campaign, that’s a good sign. But it’s not the whole story.

What if your page views have increased, but your sales haven’t? That could mean that the traffic your digital marketing firm is bringing you isn’t targeted and you’re getting people that aren’t interested in your products.

Thus, to get the full story, you would also need to reference a lead conversion report to see if those numbers have gone up as well. 

Here are some of the top reports you should request from your digital marketing company.

Lead Conversion Report

A good digital marketer will set your campaign and website up so leads can be tracked according to how they were generated. You should be able to see if someone coming from a paid Facebook ad filled out your contact form and if an organic search lead called your office. 

Cost Per Click

Pay-per-click advertising can bring great results, it can also bleed a company’s marketing budget dry. For example, if a digital marketing firm bids too high on campaign keywords, you can end up with a cost per customer acquisition that eats too far into your profits.

A cost per click report will let you know how much you’re paying for a click that could end up in a sale to ensure it’s not higher than you want it to be.

SEO Keyword Ranking Positions

Optimizing your site for search engines takes some time, but it’s one of those activities that can pay off for years once you reach a good page rank on a targeted keyword search. 

A keyword ranking position report is important for gauging the progress of your search rankings and ensuring they are going in the right direction.

Unique Visitors

The difference between website visitors and unique visitors is that one represents anyone coming to your site (i.e., the same person could come to your site 10 times in a day and be counted each time), and the other is a unique IP address visiting your site.

Unique visitors (and unique page views) allow you to get an idea of your true traffic increase since your digital strategy began.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is another one of those pieces of the story that you want to include along with visitor traffic. For example, if your visitors have gone up 25%, but your bounce rate went up 75%, that’s an indicator your marketing campaigns are off with their targeting.

You want the bounce rate to be low, as it represents the percentage of your traffic that came to your site and left without exploring other pages.

Work With a Digital Marketer With Custom Reporting Dashboards

Data First Solutions gives customers dashboards galore. We never keep you in the dark about your campaigns and provide you with bottom-line reporting that’s easy to access at any time. 

Contact us today to book a free assessment. Call 1(855) DATA-1ST / 1(855) 328-2178 or book your assessment online.

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