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Marketing Analytics For SEO & PPC

Learn why your competitors rank higher than you and how to outrank them.
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Paid Google Advertising Analytics | PPC

Know whats driving your digital growth

Know where your money is going, identify problems in your ad campaigns or keep an eye on your PPC provider to ensure they are not wasting your money.  Regardless of the reason, this platform will help keep your ads tuned, minimize spend, and help you optimize results. We also have a Done-For-You package for those that want to be informed, but less invovled.  Ready to reduce acquisition cost and get better conversions with the right keywords?

Pays for itself

63% increase in a very bad account from 3.3/10 to 5.4/10 Quality Score in just a few days and reducing cost-per-click by 31%.”

PPC Google Ads
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Dashboards Galore | PPC & SEO

SEO, PPC, Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and more

Review the big picture then focus on your individual paid (PPC) or organic (SEO) marketing efforts, check your impressions per share, Facebook / Twitter following, or simply your LinkedIn coverage. It’s only data – until you make it usable. Coupled with some of our All-Access plugins, you can dramatically improve your SEO. Our Free SEO Report will help you rank in no time.  With automated reporting, 50+ Integrations, Customizable dashboards, and a host of SEO & Competitor keyword tools, this platform delivers the SEO & PPC KPI you need to manage any campaign.

Complete Visibility

I have gained insights like never before and am able to run more effective campaigns.”

Lead Conversion Tracking

Call, Form, PPC, and chat lead tracking

A complete lead tracking & reporting solution.  This all-in-one platform automatically shows you how well your PPC, SEO, and online marketing is working.  Combine this with inbound calling options giving you the ability to improve your call flow and response.  Know what’s working and where your leads are coming from to improve your strategy and spend. Track leads across multiple channels to reduce duplication. A complete lead management solution.


A True Reveal

We spend a lot of money on marketing campaigns.  DF helps us understand which ones are working.”

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Sound Amazing?

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DF Support

We have your back

Even traditional marketing campaigns need to be tracked and followed up to convert sales.  A website is no different than a direct mail or print campaign.  We get it.  Just like if a walk-in customer can’t see a store they are looking for, the business owner can’t sell them anything.  If you don’t know where your leads are coming from then you could be spending in the wrong areas, paying for visitors that don’t convert, or paying into platforms that don’t drive traffic or sales to your business.  We treat every client’s business as if it were our own. Get Noticed, Get Leads and Get Sales!


We got you – period. 

Very Easy To Get Started

With our flexible packages, we are sure to have something that fits your business needs. Just like the IT side of things, we customize offerings to what your business needs based on your direction. We work the way you need us to, we earn the right to be your provider of choice every day.


Simply choose your plan and one of our staff will reach out to get you started.

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Reporting, analytics & Dashboards


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