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The Difference Between Brand Awareness, Lead Generation and Sales Campaigns

The Difference Between Brand Awareness, Lead Generation And Sales Campaigns

Having a robust online marketing campaign means using several strategies that all work together for the ultimate goal of driving revenue and increasing profitability for your business.

A good digital marketing strategy depends upon both foundational elements of your digital presence, like your website, and the strategies you use in your marketing.

Foundational elements are things like:

  • Your website
  • Your imagery/graphics/logo
  • Your “voice” and website content
  • Your social media accounts
  • Architecture of how people contact you (contact form, phone system, etc.)

These foundational elements need to be strong so you can convert website visitors that reach your site through your marketing channels.

Businesses that have blogs on their website, generate 67% more leads per month.

There are three core strategies that are used in a successful digital marketing campaign:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Lead Generation
  • Sales Campaigns

Each of these works in unison to increase your overall traffic and sales in different ways and using all three together makes each individual strategy more successful.

It’s important to understand how each of these elements works so you can use them to drive a successful digital marketing campaign.

Brand Awareness

You can put up online pay-per-click ads to immediately get your business visible in Google search results and it will bring you some clicks. But, if the person doing the search already recognizes your brand, it will get you a lot more.

81% of consumers say they need to trust a brand before purchasing from them. Recognizing a logo or tagline from a business builds familiarity, which in turn builds trust. 

Brand awareness is about engaging with people on social media, through email, and through other websites to make your name recognizable. This particular campaign isn’t necessarily for driving immediate sales but is designed to make a lead generation and sales strategy more effective.

The old Marketing Rule of 7 comes into play with brand awareness. The rule states that a person needs seven interactions with a company before making a purchase decision.

Brand awareness generates these “touches.” For example, someone may hear about your company on a podcast, see one of your Google ads on their favorite website, and see one of your memes pop up on social media. All of these are brand awareness campaigns designed to breed familiarity. 

If someone is already familiar with your brand, they are much more likely to click on your search result or PPC ad because they recognize the name or logo.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is for driving contacts to your business. This strategy isn’t designed to get an immediate sale, but rather get you leads that can be nurtured towards a sale.

This strategy will typically use things like search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing through blogs, social media strategy, and more.

Lead generation also involves the use of “lead magnets” which are things like eBooks or online webinars, basically things you can offer people in exchange for their email address. Once you have that, you can provide other relevant content to nudge them towards a buying decision.

Website and landing page optimization are also important elements of lead generation. You want your website to make it easy and inviting to contact you.

No matter what types of products or services a business sells, they need to generate leads, which is one of the first steps in a sales process. There may be thousands of people coming to your website, but if they don’t contact you and give you their email at the very least, they remain anonymous and can’t be nurtured actively towards a sale.

Sales Campaigns

Sales campaigns are designed to get immediate sales. These will typically be targeted towards an e-Commerce site where people can make a purchase. 

Two main digital channels used in sales campaigns are pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and social media advertising. These types of campaigns are focused on providing a value proposition and facilitating a purchase in as few clicks as possible.

People are much more willing to pull the trigger on an online purchase when they see an ad if they already know your company (through brand awareness). The same is true for leads that you may be nurturing. 

If someone has already contacted you through your website and had a question answered, then they see your online add a week later, they’re more likely to engage and purchase. 

Having all three strategies working together is important if you want to get the most out of each one.

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