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I Have a PPC Provider. Why Do I Need to Monitor Them?

I Have A Ppc Provider. Why Do I Need To Monitor Them?

Advertising has undergone a huge transition in the last twenty years. In prior days, advertising was done in newspapers and magazines. Today, it’s all about online marketing.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the main ways that businesses are found by customers. 85% of consumers search online for local businesses and using paid Google ads is shown to increase brand awareness by up to 80%.

Many Canadian businesses use professional PPC Providers to run their Google Ads, Facebook, and other paid advertising strategies. However, it’s not unusual for companies to churn through paid ad management consultants after they’ve realized their ad campaigns weren’t being run as effectively as they thought.

If you think that once you sign on a PPC consultant, you can just leave them to “do their thing,” you could end up with an unpleasant surprise several months later and a huge cost in wasted PPC dollars. 

Here are several reasons you need to monitor the work that your PPC provider is doing.

Disapproved Ads

If your PPC provider isn’t using best practices, you can end up with that great new ad campaign you spent hours brainstorming being turned off by Google.

Google has standard ad policies and if PPC ads don’t meet those policies, ads are disapproved and stopped from showing.

Examples of things that can get an ad disapproved include:

  • Mention of inappropriate themes
  • Mention of copyrighted content
  • Business phone included in ad text
  • A claim of #1 or “best” without proper backup data
  • Ad uses all caps
  • Too many exclamation points

It’s important to monitor the work your PPC firm is doing to ensure your ads aren’t being disapproved.

Using Keywords & Ads That Don’t Align With Your Target Markets

No one knows your business like you and your team, and this includes your PPC provider. While you may think it’s obvious that your target market includes product manufacturers but not those that do assembly only, this distinction may not be clear to the person writing your ads or choosing your keywords.

Keywords and ads that aren’t aligned with your product and service offerings can lead the wrong types of consumers to your site only to have them leave when they don’t find anything relevant to their needs. This causes you to pay for traffic that’s not going to buy your products or services.

Setting Ad Bids Not Based On Your Costs

Some PPC firms will have your ad showing up everywhere, bringing you traffic, but at a cost much higher than you wanted.

If you’re not monitoring the work of a PPC consultant, they can end up bidding $10.00 per click on a keyword for a product that you sell for $11.00, meaning you’re actually losing money after you deduct your costs.

PPC providers won’t always know the best ad bids that make sense for your bottom line unless they dig deep and gain a full understanding of your offerings, pricing, and sales margins.

Other providers may just bid much higher than you need because they want to show you on a report that they’re bringing you traffic (at any cost).

Not Properly Researching & Analyzing Keywords

It’s vital to have the right keywords in your PPC campaign. This means keywords that people use to search for your products and services as well as keywords that you can bid on affordably.

PPC consultants that aren’t properly researching or adjusting your keywords according to site analytics can end up costing you money from irrelevant traffic or not bringing you the traffic volume you’re looking for.

Good PPC firms should be:

  • Analyzing the keywords used by your competitors
  • Looking at analytics to see what SEO keywords site visitors are using
  • Enabling analytics that allow you to attach sales dollars to keywords & ad campaigns
  • Using both short and long-tail keywords

Not Paying Attention to Geo Targeting

Do you only sell to customers in North America, but keep getting paid traffic from India or Australia? This is a sign that your PPC provider hasn’t properly set the geographical region for your ad campaigns. 

With proper geo targeting, you can show Toronto-based PPC ads to Toronto-based consumers and Halifax-based PPC ads to Canadians out East. But bad geotargeting (or no geotargeting) means you could be paying for traffic that’s completely outside your service area.

Not Incorporating Negative Keywords

Another mistake a PPC provider can make that costs you money is to neglect to include negative keywords in your ad campaigns. Negative keywords ensure that your ad isn’t showing up for the wrong searches.

For example, you might sell an insulation coating for hot pipes. But you don’t sell fiberglass style insulation. In this case on your “insulation” campaign you’d want to have “fiberglass” added as a negative keyword, which tells Google don’t show it if someone adds that word to their search query.

It’s important ensure that your PPC firm is using negative keywords as effectively as positive campaign keywords.

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