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Why Do I Need a Managed WordPress Package? I Can Just Post Myself.

Why Do I Need A Managed Wordpress Package? I Can Just Post Myself.

When WordPress began to gain popularity as an easy way to create responsive sites, it changed the way websites were designed for many.

Instead of having to use an HTML editor like Dreamweaver and hire a team of designers and developers, small businesses found they could use a free template and get something online that looked decent fairly quickly.

But, getting a website up and keeping it from being hacked or “broken” due to a plugin update are very different things. Many business owners find they’re in for much more than they bargained for when they thought running their own WordPress site would be as easy as posting text into a box.

Over 70% of WordPress websites lack the security controls to protect them from being hacked. 

When a website goes down, many companies may as well be closed for business. Here’s why it’s vital to have a managed WordPress package to ensure your online presence and bottom line are protected.

Ensures Uptime for Your Site

One downside to WordPress websites is that they’re run by plugins. These plugins are made by many different developers and can often conflict with each other.

One day your site might be running just fine, then you come in the next day and start receiving customer calls that your site is down. Something as simple as a cache plugin updating can cause code conflicts with other plugins, leaving you with a mess on your hands.

Working with a WordPress professional to manage your website helps ensure you’re not left wondering how your website became broken when you didn’t touch it.

When your site is professionally managed, it can eliminate this type of unexpected downtime and ensure everything is running smoothly.

Optimize Site Speed

Going from 3 to 4 seconds in webpage load time can triple user bounce rate. Additionally, site speed is one of the many ranking factors used by Google and other search engines.

It can be very confusing for those that aren’t experts in WordPress management to solve a slow load time problem. It involves things like minimizing HTML and Java script, ensuring scripts aren’t loading in the wrong order, and multiple other site factors.

Part of a WordPress management package are optimizations designed to keep your webpages loading fast for users on both desktop and mobile, so you’re capturing more leads instead of losing them.

Better Site Security

WordPress sites are easily hacked if not protected, and because it’s one of the most popular website builders, hackers go after WordPress sites regularly.

There are a number of different security measures that need to be put in place so sites can’t have their databases breached, steal information put through form submissions or shopping carts, or infect a site with malware.

Over 2 million new phishing sites were flagged by Google in 2020, and many of these are innocent WordPress sites that are taken over by hackers and turned into malicious phishing sites.

You receive excellent security protection for your site when it’s managed by Data First Solutions. This includes things like a free SSL certificate to ensure form/cart submissions are encrypted and a full suite of security tools to keep your site locked down from potential hacks. 

Dedicated 24/7 Support

It can be frustrating when you have a website issue or trouble doing an update when you’re already working late into the night. If you’re on your own, you have nowhere to turn until the next business day.

We provide 24/7 dedicated support with our WordPress management packages. This means you have a “go to” online team of IT experts ready to help you out right when you need us.

Daily Site Backups

One mistaken deletion or ransomware infection, and a WordPress database that’s holding all site data can be wiped out. While many hosting packages advertise backups, most users assume this is done for them automatically, and in most cases it’s not.

This can leave you with expensive and time-consuming rework if you don’t have a full site backup in place.

All our managed WordPress packages come with daily managed backups of your site. So, you don’t have to do a thing, and your site will be fully backed up and ready for restoration if needed anytime.

Tools to Make Your Site Better

There are thousands of different website tools, some free and some paid, that can be used to make your site better. Instead of having to take a trial-and-error approach to optimizing your site, you can work with experts that already know the best tools out there and can implement them on your site.

We provide free analytic tools for customers and also include premium plugins with our managed WordPress packages.

Stop Stressing Over Your WordPress Site!

Stop stressing over your site. Put it in the hands of WordPress pros, so you can focus on forward motion for your business. Data First Solutions offers exert WordPress website management and security for Canadian businesses. 

Contact us today to book a free website assessment. Call 1(855) DATA-1ST /  1(855) 328-2178 or book your assessment online.

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